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We are always looking to bring new businesses into our family.

There are many situations in which an owner is no longer interested in running their business and The Brevoort Company seeks to provide an option for transition while honoring the vision for the company's owner.

We typically invest in businesses with observable industry growth trends and future growth potential. We like businesses that operate in fragmented and essential industries with stable demand and a high degree of recurring or reocurring revenue. We seek out complexity and believe that in embracing both, we can create tremendous value for our customers, employees, shareholders and ourselves.

Select Industries of Interest

  • Niche Logistics Companies

  • Healthcare Services 

  • Facilities Management

  • Language Services

  • Business Services

Investment Criteria

  • Headquartered in the United States 

  • ​Differentiated market position 

  • A sticky customer base 

  • $2 million+ in EBITDA with at least 15% margins

  • Eager to transition to new leadership

If the above criteria describes your company, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

Have a business in mind? We are willing to pay a competitive buy-side fee for an introduction that leads to a closed transaction.

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